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About WaterTrax

WaterTraX is an advanced satellite telemetry device specifically designed for water management & environmental monitoring.

By incorporating smarter electronics with the power to pre-process the data in the field, store the raw data and implement near real time alarms, we can reduce the size and frequency of satellite transmissions without compromise.


Measurement, quality, flood/drought and rainfall applications


Quality, wind and weather applications


Erosion, moisture and chemistry applications

Power In A Small Package

Weighing in at a mere 500 grams and housed in a 140mm pressure stabilized weatherproof enclosure, the self-contained WaterTraX can be deployed anywhere with minimal site preparation reducing costs typically associated with telemetry systems.

Interacting with WaterTraX is intuitive and simple using any smart phone to access the built-in Wi-Fi APP to view, schedule and configure the system. Adding the convenience and safety of global messaging, you will experience what happens when practicality, experience and technology meet.

Built-in Global Text Messaging Service

Incorporated into WaterTraX is the industry acclaimed TextAnywhere two-way global satellite messaging service. Remote locations just became closer to home with increased safety and productivity.

Minimize expensive return trips to remote, hard to get to locations by knowing the system is working before you leave.

WaterTrax Advantages:

Cost Effective

At $1599 USD, WaterTrax is the most cost-effective satellite telemetry system on the market!


A clear view of the sky is typically all that’s required to deploy WaterTraX anywhere in the world. Minimal site preparation means reduced material and labor costs compared to traditional telemetry systems.


Designed to work with leading manufacturers sensors and instruments, WaterTraX is NOT limited to a certain brand or type. Custom applications are supported.

Built-in Features

Barometric sensor

Built-in sensor allowing for non-vented sensor configurations.


Powerful high-channel GPS providing geo-tagged data.

Data Logger

Log up to 100,000 data points.

Real Time Clock

Accurate internal timing allowing for low-power deep sleep between readings.

Battery Monitor

Ensure your equipment will continue to monitor.

Pulse Counter

Allows for external rain counter or other pulse-driven devices.

Ambient Temperature

Internal tempreature monitoring for basic environmental information.

12 Volt Sensor Power

No external power required for typical sensor arrays.

WiFi Config App

Leave the bulky laptop at home. All configuration can be done by a wireless connection to your Smart Phone.

Pressure Stabilized Housing

Environmentally stable for long term outdoor installation.

USB / Solar Charging

Allows for charging the system for deployment or an optional external solar panel or battery pack for larger data/messaging applications.

Self Contained

The built-in Lipo battery and solar panel provides for long term operation even in low-sun seasonal conditions.



Compatible with VanEssen Diver probes.


Compatible with Level TROLL products.


Can be custom designed for any Modbus device.


Compatible with modbus based Solinst probes.


Compatible with PT2X and CT2X probes.

Flow meter

Compatible with both pulse counter and modbus flow meters.

WaterTraX Sensors

  • Ultrasonic & Radar based 12m range sensors
  • Pressure
  • Temperature

Custom Interface

Sensors and instruments with Modbus, SDI-12, Pulse or Analog* outputs are generally easy to interface with WaterTraX.

Instruments / sensors using proprietary outputs can be integrated to WaterTraX based on feasibility.

*Optional conditioning module required.

Data Plans

All standard data plans require NO contracts and include logged hourly samples, alarm notifications, battery voltage and 24/7 secured WEB access or API.

1x Daily

$240 / year

  • Samples hourly
  • Reports daily min/max and current reading

4x Daily

$39 / month

  • Samples Hourly
  • Reports 24 readings per day
  • Includes up to 3 data points


$49 / month

  • Samples Hourly
  • Reports Hourly
  • Includes up to 3 data points


Call for pricing

Call to discuss your application and data needs.

Technical Details


Coverage Global
Satellite Modem 9603 Iridium SBD
Access Secured WiFi
Antenna Helical
Contains Modules FCC ID: Q639603N
IC: 4629A-9603N
FCC ID: W7OZG2100-ZG2101
IC: 8248A-G21ZEROG


Voltage 5 Volts
Charging USB 5 Volts
Batteries 3.4 Ah LiPo (2)
Solar Panel 2 Watt 325 mah
Optional Solar Panel 6 Watt 1 Ah
Battery Life (no sun) 1+ year*

* Based on hourly samples and one satellite transmission per day.

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